The first closed international Daddys with Angels group was set up on Facebook in December 2010. The group provides a safe place for male family members to open up following the loss of a child or children.


Today we also have a closed international group for Angel mums and dads, for family member following the loss of a child.


We can also be found on Twitter & Instagram


Whilst our primary aim still remains supporting male members of families following the loss of a child/children, we do not exclude anyone from getting some sort of support; even if it is just finding a poem.




When someone joins Daddys with Angels they are considered family and are not only offered support for their loss. Members can talk about anything else that may be troubling them. The group administrators can be contacted in private to discuss anything members need or want. What may seem like a great burden for some can be resolved within group discussion or in private messages.


At Daddys with Angels, it doesn't matter how old your child was, or when or how they grew their wings if you are experiencing the pain of a genuine loss you are welcome.


We have members whose children were born too soon, died of natural causes, were miscarried, stillborn, died of cancer or other illness, committed suicide or have been murdered.  


No one should feel alone in their grief and Daddys With Angels has begun to fill the gap for those who do not meet the 'criteria' for other groups. However, we do have some way to go in reaching those who are finding themselves alone in their pain.


Daddys with Angels is based in Northampton, UK. but it's groups, pages and other social network sites support people from all over the world. Each UK county has its own support group for Angel dads and other adult male family members.


We also have UK county groups on Facebook for Angel dads and other male adult family members. These groups can be found by clicking HERE


Our Structure


Founder: Paul Scully-Sloan

Director: Dan Hill



Click Here


Each UK county has its own Facebook group for

Angel dads and other adult family members and

has its own county organiser. For more information on this please use the contact form on this website.


Media:                    Warren Morris

Local Groups:         Mark Cowdell       


Team Leads

Leif Kelly          (Poetry Team Lead)

Mark Cowdell   (Local Groups)


Media Support


Jamie Fallick-Wicks     (Special Days Group Posts)

Thomas Mann              (Poetry)

Scott McCluskey          (Poetry)


Graphic Offers ( Community Page)

Nicola Jennifer Coulson
Jaide Beckett


Facebook International Groups


Leif Kelly

Shane Tait

Dan Hil

Mark Cowdell

Alex Smith

Thomas Mann

Pete Bates

Dan Deakin

Scott Mccluskey

Jamie Fallick-Wicks

Michael Hoehne

Pastoral Care

Michael Hoehne

​​Call us


(Not a support help line).


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​Find us: 

The Angel Office

The Gary Kay Centre, Spinning Gate, Leigh WN7 4PG.

Registered Charity Number :1173978

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