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Alex Smith

Alex Smith - Creative Content

Creative Content Manager

I met my now wife in the year 2000 whilst we were at uni. For me it was love at first sight and I was lucky enough to make her my bride in 2007. We'd been trying to have children for several years when we got pregnant in 2012. I was so excited, especially when I got to hear my babies heartbeat for the first time, we named the baby Pip as he was the size of an orange Pip when we found out we were pregnant5. Sadly 2 days later on Bonfire night my wife suffered a miscarriage, to me it felt like my. World had ended, but I tried to stay strong for my wife. The following year we got pregnant again only this time we didn't even make it to our 1st scan and cruelly we suffered another miscarriage on Christmas day. This time I fell to pieces and suffered a breakdown and began to self harm.

I was cruising Facebook looking for a support group. All the ones I tried said they were either for women only or that our losses were too early. Thankfully one admin from one of the groups I spoke to suggested I speak to DWA and it's founder Paul Scully Sloan.

Thankfully Paul welcomed me in, and even encouraged me to name our second baby. Which we did, Hana (shortened from the Hawaiian word Ohana, meaning that no one is forgotten or left behind.) DWA provided me with a healthy outlet for my emotions and slowly over time I began to get my head straight. To help me find an outlet I was recruited into the graphics team.

As part of the graphics team I produce memorial graphics, themed graphics and special event graphics.

In my down time I am learning to play the saxophone. I enjoy watching formula 1 and American football. I have 2 dogs who take up a lot of my time and attention.

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