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Craig Peplow

Craig Peplow - Admissions and Vetting Co-ordinator.jpg

Admissions and Vetting Coordinator

Hi all my name is Craig I'm a dad of 6 - 5 living and 1 angel.  I originally come from South Derbyshire but live in Eastwood Nottingham. My journey began 9 years ago when my little girl was born sleeping at 26 weeks. I was told by another organisation that my role was to support my partner and be the man, I wasn't offered anything for myself, so I looked on Facebook and found Daddys with Angels - which was for dad's, a safe place to break, to talk, to feel we are not alone. Through my time I have become the admissions and vetting Co Ordinator to this fine group, our family our brotherhood. Daddys with angels has taught me its ok to not be ok without their support I might not have made it this far for that I'm truly grateful.  There is always support 24.7 and it's a honour to be part of such an excellent group that all stand together.

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