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Patrick Findlay



Hi all this is a little a bit about myself. My names paddy I'm 27 and I'm from a small town in Scotland UK, I am a angel dad to my first little girl who I will write about further down this bio


I met my other half who I am still with today when I was 15 she lived a hour away from me and we would commute between each others houses and life was good we made the decision to live together at my parents and then we got our first house. The next step in our relationship we decided that we would like to try for a baby this was in 2016 the pregnancy was going well like any other parents we thought just getting passed 12 weeks and our nerves would be fine,,, we made it to 20 weeks even having our 20 week scan we found out we were expecting a girl I was on cloud nine the nerves turned into excitement this was until 5 days later when my partner decided to go back to hospital for a check up as she had a small bleed


They checked her over said she was fine just wanted to do a examination and that's when our world came crashing down the nurse said she needed to get a second opinion, consultant came through the door and explained that she was in preterm labour I couldn't believe what I was hearing I was scared my partner was in bits as you can imagine but I just couldn't take it in they said they could offer a emergency stitch so we had hope it was the longest 3 days to wait not knowing that was nothing compared to what we were about to face.


The day came and sadly it couldn't be done she was now dilating and our baby girl was ready to make her appearance the only option she had was time and rest on her side she stayed in hospital for 2 weeks and by then the hope was becoming more realistic we were moved to a different hospital but it was awful, the support we got was shocking - no kindness, no reassurance, no help - all they kept explaining over and over that our daughter didn't have a chance she was now at 22 weeks and babies this young don't survive it was like a stab to the heart every time I tried so hard to put on a brave face supporting my partner suppressing my feelings just living on hope we fought so hard we wanted to give our girl her chance but sadly she decided she no longer wanted to hold on and we had our baby on the 5th of May 2016. She was perfect in every way just so tiny and fragile she was born alive but we only had 10 minutes with her before she took her last breath cuddled into my arms. 


I feel I have brought strength and support to my fellow group members, trying to keep them motivated and inspired for the rest of the journey with support with the rest of the admin team and background staff we will reach everyone who may need the additional help or advice and generally just a chat as has has the rest of the team did for me during my loss and time of need 

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