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Richard Miles



Here is a little about me and why I am a member of DWA. I met my then girlfriend back in 2003 and couldn’t have been happier, we got engaged 3 months after we met but didn’t end up getting married until 2010. Two years later we decided we wanted to start our own family. In 2013 my first son, Jayden was born. I was overjoyed. Then in 2015 my second son, Joshua was born.


My wife fell pregnant again in 2016, that’s when my life changed, we went for our routine 20 week scan where we heard them gut wrenching words, Sorry there is no heart beat, my world fell apart from beneath me. Jenson was born sleeping on 5th October 2016. It was the hardest thing in my life I had ever dealt with.


A year later Sarah fell pregnant again, we were so excited, 20 week scan came and again them words were said. Jessica was born sleeping on 16th June 2017. We decided to try again, surely we weren’t that unlucky to go through this pain again, we were wrong, at 17 weeks we lost our 3rd child, Jordan was born sleeping 28th March 2018. We were told by many not to try again, we were told we were terrible parents for putting our 2 sons that were with us through the pain all the time. So we decided to stop.


Unexpectedly Sarah fell pregnant a little while later, this time with twins, 2 girls, this time we were excited but obviously anxious, we were getting scanned weekly, but at 17 weeks again the twins had died and on September 4th 2018 they were born sleeping. I carried all 5 of my angels to their final resting place, the are the smallest but heaviest coffins I have ever carried.


In 2019, Sarah fell pregnant for 7th time, I was scared, anxious and was thinking of the words every time she had a scan, but those words were not be heard, and on December 11th 2019 my rainbow baby Jeorgia was born, even though we had been through so much we were complete. My angels are still our babies and not a day goes by where I don’t think of them.


I found DWA in 2017, the help and support they gave me is second to none, not 1 medical professionals asked me how I was, DWA is the only help I had. I vowed back in 2017 never to leave that group of Brothers and I never will, I want to help others who have had to go through this terrible pain and anguish. And that is why I’m part of the DWA family.

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