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Daniel Deakin

Deputy Director Community Lead

Daniel Deakin - Deputy Director  Communi

Daniel was one of the original members of DWA following the loss of Lily May in 2010. When Paul set up the original DWA he sort of fell into a support role whilst Paul was undergoing an operation and things progressed from there.

Daniel is the biggest fan of DWA and what we do and have achieved over the last ten years and shouts what we do from the rooftops


He lives in North Blyth in North East England where he runs the local community group and is currently overseeing our community events and engagement projects for 2021.


In addition to Lily May Daniel has a 21 year old daughter Lottie and an eight year old boy Daniel Jr.


When he isn’t carrying out his DWA role he can be found tinkering with event lighting or exploring the beaches of Northumberland a stones throw from his house.


He acts as Director when Dan Hill is unavailable and oversees the content and membership of all pages in his absence.

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