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Leif Kelly - Honorary Life Director  Aus

Leif Kelly 
Honorary Life Director - Australian Lead

Mark Cowdell - Regional Lead.jpg

Mark Cowdell
Regional Lead


Dan Hill 
Charity Director

Alex Smith - Creative Content

Alex Smith
Creative Content Manager

Michael Hoehne - Pastoral Care Manager

Michael Hoehne Pastoral Care - USA Lead

Shane Tait - Support Team.jpg

Shane Tait
Support Team

Craig Peplow - Admissions and Vetting Co

Craig Peplow
Admissions and Vetting Coordinator 

Thomas Mann - Creative  Poetry Lead.jpg

Thomas Mann Creative Poetry Lead


Daddy's with Angels (DWA) are an international charity providing support and guidance to all family members affected by the loss of a child at any age or gestation and by any cause.

DWA deliberately target support for bereaved dads due to the lack of available Male support across the sector.

Registered Charity in England and Wales: 1173978

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