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Meet The Team

Click on the team members image to read all about them, their journey and how they help Daddy's with Angels.


Dan Hill 
Charity Director

Daniel Deakin - Deputy Director  Communi

Daniel Deakin 
Deputy Director Community Lead

Alex Smith - Creative Content

Alex Smith
Creative Content Manager

Leif Kelly - Honorary Life Director  Aus

Leif Kelly 
Honorary Life Director - Australian Lead

Mark Cowdell - Regional Lead.jpg

Mark Cowdell
Regional Lead

Shaun Vivian - Support Worker  NZ Lead.j

Shaun Vivian
Support Worker - New Zealand Lead

Michael Hoehne - Pastoral Care Manager

Michael Hoehne Pastoral Care - USA Lead

Shane Tait - Support Team.jpg

Shane Tait
Support Team

Craig Peplow - Admissions and Vetting Co

Craig Peplow
Admissions and Vetting Coordinator 

Thomas Mann - Creative  Poetry Lead.jpg

Thomas Mann Creative Poetry Lead

Tom Alston - Creative.jpg

Tom Alston
Corporate Relations Lead


Daniel Balaam Moderator


Patrick Findlay Moderator


Richard Miles Moderator

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