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Michael Hoehne

Michael Hoehne - Pastoral Care Manager

Pastoral Care - USA Lead

I found Daddys with Angels after we lost our son Joshua Aaron Hoehne 11-12-13, and several late term miscarriages.


To provide the same level of compassion that was given to me.

I have been Blessed to serve the public in the career role as a Firefighter/ Medic then later promoted to Captain for 25 yrs. I set out to become a Pastor that truly Understood what it took what it meant to be called and answer that call. Probably one of the harder calls I answered. I always thought I thought I knew what it it meant but what I had to learn what it really meant to truly serve my fellow man, woman and child with NO Prejudice.

I enjoy the Outdoors, fishing hunting and camping and darn near anything that keeps me with my and near my family, see I spent most of 25 yrs away from my family.

This is where I'm should tell you about my work acquired skills, well putting the wet stuff on the red stuff, tearing cars apart, ‘handing out bandaids on the BooBoo Bus’ (just kidding) performing life saving skills at all levels, repelling from High places. and some very small spaces. I also hold one of the highest levels in Hazardous Materials ID and Mitigation. Along with a few other unique skill set from a short time in the military and law enforcement.


One of the things I hold is the direct contact with our compassionate Director Dan Hill in regards to help when and where needed including the ability to reach out personally to members not as Pastoral Care but as a Dad with Angels who understands. See not everyone understands and nor do I as to why we have lost our Angels, but are they are really lost forever? No, I choose to believe they aren’t and we will see and hold them again. See we all have questions about our faith (which was something I have struggled with) especially when something so special has been taken from us, I could quote scripture and probably should but I am first a Dad to an Angel and a friend, a brother and a mate to those that have travelled a path that is not even in the mentions of the paths least travelled.

You see, I was given big shoulders so I can help members of Daddys with Angels in all groups, I try to make myself available to our members at all hours and I message them directly if something strikes me as hey they need to know that they are not alone and we care 24 hrs a day.

Being a member of the Admin team doesn’t mean we just sit back and say hi from time to time, it is so much more and when I took it upon myself to become a Pastor and I approached DWA (Daddys with Angels) with my thoughts and ideas I was more nervous than on my wedding day. I was welcomed on but advised I was on probation …… but here I am several years later not only as the Pastoral Director but an Administrator to offer insight and simple prayers for our members Worldwide making them know that spiritual comfort is available whenever they need it.

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