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Amazing news from Portugal!!!

Earlier this week was the European Finals of DHL's Got Heart Awards held in Lisbon. Steven Daly, one of DWA's Ambassadors, attended where the film of his journey was played to all the delegates and he was presented with three awards totalling over 26500 Euros for Daddys With Angels.

Next stop will be the Global Awards Ceremony and Dan has promised to chaperone him and drink all the champagne so Steven can keep a clear head

Steven you have gone above and beyond. You have done DWA proud but more importantly you have created a legacy for your angels and your beautiful family, one that will help many more bereaved parents and families as they navigate their way down our path.

We all thank you!!

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December 2021 - A message from our Director

Daddys with Angels are excited to announce that will are currently in talks to work alongside FOLLO FC to reach even more families affected by the loss of a child.


FOLLO FC was created by Gary Berkley after the tragic loss of his son Sammy in a road accident at 14 years old and his creation in Sammy’s memory has grown beyond all expectations helping many angel families along the way.


Gary’s love for football mirrors my own as a qualified FA coach. ‘I’ve watched FOLLO FC grow in the last few years and their passion to use football as a tool to help others is phenomenal to see. The dads involved find a brotherhood and the families create a support network alongside the team.’


As part of the collaboration, we will be providing kits for the next season having previously sponsored a successful junior team and FOLLO FC followers will have full access to the 4000 strong peer support networks across all groups within DWA. We at DWA are excited to welcome Gary, Sarah, and the entire FOLLO FC family…. Let’s help more people together

August 2021


DWA have just announced 2 new working relationships.  1 will be available to offer legal advice in the case of medical negligence and the other is a with another bereavement charity that will be offering DWA services to grieving dads

All of these help to share the work we do further and help us reach more dads in need.  Click Here to go to our Partners page and find out more

August 2021


Our Director, Dan Hill and everyone here at Daddys with Angels would like to express a huge Thank You to the Lockhart family.  We are very fortunate to have a lot of wonderful people contribute to the Charity but every year the Lockhart's pay tribute to their 4 angels by fundraising and carrying out a range of gruelling tasks.  This year they have taken on a Cycle and Walk challenge.  We are always humbled by the lengths people go to in support of what we do and are in particular awe of how the Lockhart's keep their angels memories alive

August 2021


Daddys with Angels are honoured to have been selected as the Mayoral Charity for 2021/2022 by the Mayor of Wigan, Yvonne Klieve. This is a valuable way for us to reach a greater audience and hopefully open up the door for more dads to gain the support they need...

Please have a read at the attached document for further details

August 2021


We are delighted to have been awarded the Community Interest Company of the Year award at the Central England Business Prestige Awards. It's an amazing feeling that so many business' are recognizing the need to support their employees through baby loss. If you would be interested in talking about how we can work with your business then please get in touch...

Please have a read at the attached document for further details

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