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Inside a poem.

The joy that I felt,

Radiated from the inside out,

Finally! The plans we had made,

Were on their way to coming true,

I wondered though,

If this was really right,

I just shrugged it off,

Saying everything would turn out fine,

Our future was bright,

Though we both were jobless,

We didn’t even care,

We still wanted this,

Him, or her…

And after all our trying,

We finally had that little bundle of joy.

Our baby was inside,

It was healthy and growing,

And we were happy,

We were smiling and glowing,

But then things went South,

It all started falling apart,

Then the depression seized me,

Because we…

I had lost it.

The little bundle,

The one that brought so much joy,

The one we had planned so carefully.

Then it all started spiraling down,

The depression,

The sadness,

The regrets,

At first,

No one even knew,

Then we parted,

And anger bubbled up,

The rumors,

They started,

Then everything started falling,

Friendships and relationships ripping apart,

Neither of us were the same.

We were so filled with heartache,

And so filled with pain.

~LeighAnne H. © 2012

#baby #loss #depression #sadness #babyloss


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