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Knitting for Angel babies.

There isn’t much that can come close to the pain a parent feels when their child. The intensity of pain is like no other pain and that alone can be unbearable….

On a recent visit (April 2016) to Canvey Island, Uk, I was having a discussion and was told a story, it left me saddened, but not shocked as I had heard similar stories before.

The story was about a pregnant mum who had gone into hospital and had sadly lost her baby. I don’t recall how far along the pregnancy was, but the word ‘tiny’ stuck in my head.

Her partner had not been able to be there with her, as sometimes happens with a sudden loss, but as he walked into a room he was met with a sight that no one should see.

Their baby had been placed in a box and just left on the window sill. There seemed a lack of compassion or maybe it was just routine to do this. Either way it showed a lack of respect for the baby or the emotions and feelings of the parents.

The bay was tiny, too small to be wrapped up in a normal blanket or laid in a full sized cot, but there was no reason why the baby should have been treated like that.

Something else needed to be done for these tiny Angel babies.

Tiny babies are being born to soon and don't make it.

This leaves the parents devastated and in need of some comfort.

In August 2016 I set up a group on Facebook, Angel baby Items Creations (2)-as there is a similar group in Canvey Island and invited members of the public to join us and knit for these tiny Angel babies.

Today we have 200 members in the group and a growing number of individuals and groups knitting and crocheting these tiny items for Angel babies.

We have started to roll out these items to funeral parlours and hospitals and are looking to get them into more.

We know other groups are doing similar things :) we decided we wanted to be part of this and take some of the worry away from Angel parents who have to find something suitable for their Angels to wear.

Dan Hill (one of DWA's support workers-pictured) recently visited Liverpool women's hospital and handed over some of the items to Pauline McBurnie- bereavement midwife.

This morning I took some more items to Northampton general Hospital. I was delighted and humbled to be able to able to hand them over to Rachael Moss and Rachel Surl Bereavement Support Midwives.

If you would like to get involved in our project or just want some patterns to knit for your local hospital, please visit the group we have set up and ask to join it.


Alternatively a booklet of the patterns can be downloaded from the Daddy with Angels website. HERE

If you can knit or crotchet and have some spare time please feel free to make as few or as many as you like and take them or post them to one of the drop off points and we will make sure that they get to hospitals and funeral parlours.

(drop off points can be found in the files of the group or email: knitting@daddyswithangels.org/

An undertaker recently told me, ' these are beautiful- these little babies usually come to us in plastic bags, we would love some of these'.


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