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A morning knitting at Staysure.

A little while back I received an email from Tom who works at Staysure Insurance company in Northampton. He explained his 'boss' had seen an article in the local newspaper about the knitting project we were running and wanted his staff to become involved.

So today, armed with some boxes of examples and my mum-Eleanor- we set off to their offices. We were met with smiles and eagerness, which is always a good thing.

I explained what Daddys with Angels is and what we do and then went on to talk about the knitting project. Some of the ladies had knitted before, but were a little rusty and some had never knitted before. They had a brief lesson from my mum on how to cast on and do some basic knitting, which most picked up quite well-some needed a little more help, but that didn't really matter as they were eager to learn.

By the time we left they had grasped the basics of knitting and went off back to their desks-I think they would have prefered to have stayed and do some more knitting-with a ball of wool and some knitting needles. Their intention was to do a bit of knitting in between calls from customers.

On leaving the Staysure office some of the ladies said that they will be passing on their new found skills to their colleagues and were looking forward to handing over some items next time we visited.

Child loss is never an easy discussion to have, but part of the discussion was about child loss. Some of the participants had experienced child loss within their family, so had an understanding of the impact it has on families, so they understood the importance of these tiny items.

I'm looking forward to going back, so is my mum, and seeing how the staff at Staysure are getting on. Despite the reason for these tiny knitted items is tragic, the mood within the room was upbeat and positive. Doing something positive for someone who has endured the loss of a child is a priceless gift, and I am sure we will see more people joining in with our knitting project.

If you would like to join our knitting (and crotchet) project please click here to join the Facebook group.

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