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Consider Angel parents this Christmas.

The death of a child (when I say child I mean ANY gestation or age) affects us year round.

That said, there are certain times in the year where it is harder-such as Christmas.

We are faced with people around us planning , partying and celebrating. Where we sit knowing someone will be missing from our table.

Strangers will wish us festive greeting who have no idea of the pain Angel parents experience, only causing more sadness and pain.

Christmas is a time where we are faced with reminders of what should be. Our children opening their presents, smiles on their faces and their eyes sparkling with excitement.

For many Christmas will be a season of intense grief, but you are not alone. There will be others, close to you or friends on social media who understand how you will be feeling, and trying to manage to cope with similar feelings.

Daddys with Angels has ALWAYS been available over the Christmas season and our team of committed volunteers, our group members (if you are in one of our groups) or via messages on our community page.

This will continue this year.

We will ALWAYS get back to you, but it may not be straight away and as ALWAYS our advice, support. 'ear' comes at no cost.

If you are fortunate not to understand the pain of child loss, particular over the Christmas (and other festive or special occasions) please take a few moments to consider those who do.

It may just be a message, it could be an invite around your home (many Angel parents-particularly dads often spend Christmas alone) or a simple text

-reach out to someone and help make a difference.


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