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5th Christmas

It's OK you have Evelyn ( Our Rainbow ) these words I hear all the time when I tell people I am not doing OK, I'm sure they mean well and I don’t take it personally, life is too short for that. Truth is even with her here, even with her smile daily life is a struggle, when you're battling with grief and mild depression and even the basics are a struggle and on top of that having to act like a dad and an adult to someone is really hard. So now we have Christmas, a time of year I struggle the most with, even with our rainbow here I just don't want to celebrate it, I want to hide away and just sleep on Christmas day, sad I know but it's the truth nonetheless.

There will always be the What if`s , the could have been, and every first thing your rainbow does is a constant reminder of the things you are missing. Its like hitting a brick wall at every turn. This year it seems My health wanted to kick a fuss up too potentially having IBS, having to get my gallbladder checked out in 2018 has just added to an already stressful time of the year.

I just want everyone to know its OK to NOT be OK, you do what you needed to do to survive through Christmas and any other major events.

And most importantly "Never think an angel parent wants pity, all they want is you to acknowledge their child and have some compassion"

Warren Morris Angel Dad, Graphic Designer


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