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Angelversaries are often surrounded (before and after for a number of weeks) with anxiety, anticipation and other mixed emotions.

This is 'normal' and is part of your new normal.

(see our our blog post on a new normal) HERE

As with grief itself there isn't a guidebook for how behave or react during your child's Angelversary, sometimes you just have to 'wing it' and do what is right for you-so long as it is safe.

If you are inclined you can sit and plan with your partner/spouse and family and arrange something a bit more formal like: * balloon release * a religious remembrance service/blessing * fireworks * visit the grave * light a candle * write something in memory of your Angel. * buy something for their memory shelf or garden (or if it is their first

Angelversary consider putting up a shelf or preparing a piece of your garden for a memory garden for them).

You can choose to involve as many or as few people as you choose to. On T.J's first Angelversary we had a balloon release and made it an event on Facebook. 500+ people joined us at home or where they lived across the globe-to send up balloons. A hot air balloon pilot even did a 'burn out' for him.

Last year, due to circumstances we had a very quiet day and that suited us.

The important thing is to be gentle with yourself and not criticise or judge yourself for what you choose to do-if you choose to do anything-because if you choose not to do anything then that's ok too. You will always have an Angel shaped hole in your heart.

It is also important that you are not swayed in what you choose to do by other people's views or opinions.

It is YOUR CHILD's Angelversary and you can CHOOSE what you do or CHOOSE not to do.


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