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My Star Oliver

My angel got his wings on the 30th of August last year.

he was going to be mine and my partners 1st baby. We went to our 20 week scan all excited to find out our babys sex and where given some very upsetting news. 1st of all they could not tell us the sex and we both knew that was possible but the hard bit was yet to come.

we were then told baby had a cleft palate and a hernia on umbilical cord. and again we both thought that's fine we can deal with that when the time comes,we were asked to wait to speak to a doctor and that when the worries set in, after about a 20 min wait we saw the doctor who told is it's very likely that baby ( not the word he used as he was very cold and matter of fact about it all) had Edwards or patau syndrome,both are very bad the birth survival rate is very low and if baby is born then it would only be a matter of days.

i would like to take a second to warn u guy. The syndromes are very upsetting to see in some cases. if u planning on looking the up i just want to warn you we then had a choice to make and it's the hardest thing we have ever had to as a couple.

After learning all the facts and another scan we and the decision to say goodbye to our baby,

we did have a amniocentesis done that came back after he was born that confirmed the had patau syndrome the worst out of the 2.

The test also told us we had a boy as we could not tell at the birth because of what he had the hardest part for me was know we had to say goodbye before we got to say hello to your son Oliver Fallick - Wicks


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