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Teegan Lauren Power

So my story is that me and my wife were due our first daughter, we’ve had to previous miscarriages that were early stage but were young and knew we could prevail with this one.

As the misses is diabetic we ended up in a lot of issues during pregnancy as she was susceptible to infection, we spent a total of 6 weeks in hospital at different times prior but my daughter Teegan was prevailing well and we came to our date of the 16th February this year when we were due to be induced and have her.

Unfortunately this day turned out the be the worst day of my life, we found out that she has no heart beat any more. No real signs showed previously and a lot of shit went on with the hospital that we won’t go to deep about at the moment but there was a fair amount of wrong doing happening on their behalf.

But since then life has been a downhill struggle! We've luckily had an amazing group of friends and some family that have really supported us through and that’s helped but ultimately I'm suffering beyond belief and thought I was getting better but everyday since has been harder and harder as right now I should be doing a night feed and holding my little girl in my arms but I can’t. That breaks me apart every living moment! My little Angels name is Teegan Lauren Power and may she always be a beautiful angel x


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