When members were asked "What does this group mean to you " they responded with :

Daniel Pedro Deakin The World really. I do know for a fact that without the help and support, Advice iv had from Paul Scully-Sloan and other members/ Admins I wouldn't be where I am now in my "recovery" Also I'm so so very proud to be a part of the team that's the best no question.

Marc Bagley This group is a support network when I am confused n down n don't understand what's happening in my grieving process . But also its about talking and helping others that r confuses . Love this group n everyone in it . It's a nice feeling helping others on their path . I wouldn't b where I am now if it wasn't for this group . Thank you all

Chris Gosse This is a safe place for me to rant. This page makes me realize that I am not alone. I have brothers that are walking the same path with me, and will pick me up when I fall down, and I will do the same for them.

Bruce Logan For me it's a place where I can talk about my angel and hear stories of other angels and help each other through I don't read books but if this was ever a made into a book of our stories I wouldn't put it down till I finished I don't think

Shane Linford Fantastic support network were we look after each other and your surrounded by different people with different time scales with the experiences, there's always someone here to help, it's perfect

Michael Welch It's a place for us men to be emotional. Angry. Sad. Or however we feel there is no negativity in this group we are Brothers

Joseph Grebby To know your not alone.

Leif Kelly DWA is our safe haven. Where we can talk about our thoughts , our fears, our feelings.

We can talk without fear of judgement. We can talk knowing that our listeners truly do understand what we are saying.It is more than a support network , it is our brotherhood

Chris Dulong I find this group as a brotherhood of support that nobody should ever have to endure. Thank you so much for your genuine care and loyalty. What a blessing that this group is here. Thank you so much. Blessings to each and every angel parent.

Simon Darcey Maddison Bates togetherness and all being connected by our stories we all walk in each other's shoes

Jeromi Arnold Dwa is my safe haven, I'm among brothers who have endured a terrible loss just like me, I can come and go as I please, speak what I'm feeling, and have 100% support 24/7, thank you dwa, to me that's priceless.

Deacon Mark Cobberti This group is a place for men to heal from their pain together as one big family.

Anthony Martinez This group is like a family to me when no one else can understand even a tiny bit what I'm going through I have this group of guys "brothers " who been through and are going through what I am or have and are actually there for me

David Wade, A support group which help me through my grief and still does after losing my son at 20 weeks. I wish I found this group sooner and I found a group of dads that understood what I was going though

John Smith, I love this group reading the stories sometimes help with my pain and my loss and I know I can always come this group to chat

Christopher Thomas Dark,It's amazing what support is out there for a parent that has lost a child and the work they do is truly amazing

Stephen Tuff, They have helped me through a lot over the past 9 months! I am so grateful for all they have done for me and graphics team r amazing at what they produce.

Warren Morris, Daddys With Angels offered me a safe place when my world was crumbling .unlike a bigger well known charity who said they couldn't help me . I am now fortunate enough to volunteer for them

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