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Thomas Mann

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Creative Poetry Lead

Hi, my name is Tom, husband of Harriet, father of Eden and Ivy, owner of boardy the greyhound, admin of Daddys with Angels. 

Eden was our firstborn. 18th February 2017 was the day she entered our world. Apparently she was in a rush, as she arrived 3 months before she was supposed to. At 27 weeks and 2lb 1oz, she was our tiny fighter. And fight she did. For 13 days she breezed through the intensive care unit at Brighton hospital, meeting all the challenges that she faced head on. And we were by her side, sitting for hours at the unit, watching for progress and doing as much parenting as we could. You've never changed a nappy until you've changed one from outside an incubator. 

On day 13 she developed necrotising entrecolitis. Her tissue thin organs simply couldn't handle milk. She had surgery but it was a losing battle. On day 15 she passed away. 

A few months after Eden passed, I was searching for support on Facebook, when a kindly person recommended Daddys with angels. From there I met the boss, Paul Scully Sloan and interacted with my new community. 

When a vacancy for an in house poet occurred, I put my name forward. I'd always fancied myself as a bit of a wordsmith. Since then, I've done a bit of new member welcomes and have dabbled with special day graphics. 

3 years and 6 days after Eden was born, we welcomed our rainbow daughter Ivy into the world. Safe to say I wouldn't have got that far without support from our brotherhood, Daddys with angels. 

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